Hello, I’m Siusan Moffat.

I’m a back-of-the-book indexer.

Some of the topics I’ve indexed are: gentrification, reading water, modern day oppression in Indigenous communities, intelligence, vegan desserts, anarchism in Latin America, growing food in the city, poetry in colonial education, breast feeding, animals and technology, NFB composers, spies with Hansen’s disease, etc.

Why do I index? Probably because I love to read and learn things and have a mild obsession with getting information to people in an organized way. I should have gone to library school, but instead I went to film archiving school (which is similar and VERY interesting work!)

I’m a hard worker who wants to see indexes reflect the books they are attached to, and provide multiple roads into a text so all readers will be able to find the information they need.

Along with film archiving school, I’m a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University Film Studies program, I have a certificate in chocolate making, and I have a diploma in technical communications. Yes, I’m interested in lots of different things – social justice, sociology, technology, old Hollywood, music, activism, film, history, art, vintage radio shows, gardening, food, trains, DIY, punk, and much more!

I’ve lived in Windsor, ON, Rochester, NY, Portland, OR and many years in Toronto, ON.

I am on the several committees of the Indexing Society of Canada (ISC/ISC). It’s a great resource to learn more about indexing!


Contact Me

or send email to siusanmoffat @@ gmail